Mizuho claims it is 

 "proactively addressing climate change."*

 But its actions show otherwise. 


These are the facts about Mizuho’s role in the climate crisis.

Since 2017, Mizuho has lent US$16.8 billion to coal plant developers.
(Source: Japan Times, 2019)

World’s biggest private lender to coal power 


 sustainability policy 

Mizuho’s policy allows it to fund coal power across Southeast Asia.
(Source: Market Forces, 2019)

© Kemal Jufri / Greenpeace

Mizuho is implicated in financing companies responsible for rainforest and peatland destruction in Indonesia. 
(Source: RAN, 2020)

 Financing forest fires

Nghi Son 2 in Vietnam - a reportedly Mizuho-backed coal plant - uses outdated technology with poor pollution controls. The coal-fired power plant when operational would generate twice as much CO2 per every unit of power compared to an average plant in Vietnam.
(Source: Straits Times, 2018 and FoE Australia, 2018)

 Deadly pollution 

© Aulia Erlangga / Greenpeace

Mizuho reportedly financed a coal project in Indonesia that has been embroiled in corruption allegations.
(Source: Market Forces, 2019)

 Bribery scandal 

  Trashing   Japan’s global   reputation 

Vung Ang 2 in Vietnam has sparked fierce criticism of the Japanese Government -- even Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi has responded, saying the project is at odds with measures needed to stop climate change. This also drew criticism at global climate talks in 2019.
(Source: The Mainichi, 2020 and Nikkei Asian Review, 2019)

Mizuho: for the sake of our planet,

it's time to stop funding coal.